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Live At MUF 2014
A.J. Leonard Trio with Jenny Rowlands and Dan Harvey

Filmed and edited- Terry Chapman
Tomorrow Never Knows

The final track on The Beatles Revolver, this truly mysterious John Lennon song was a portent of things to come. Performed here on baritone ukulele.
Live At MUF 2013 
A.J. Leonard & Jenny Rowlands

In 2010, the first ever Australian ukulele festival was staged and financed by the Melbourne Ukulele Kollective (MUK) and held in inner urban Melbourne. It has come a long way in four years and has featured many fine performers from Oz and overseas including Azo Bell, Bosko & Honey, Benny Chong, Yan Yalego, Renee Searles, Ukulelezaza, James Hill, Tropical Lounge and MUK.
Ukulele Heaven 2009
A.J. Leonard & Jenny Rowlands

When I first heard this song it sounded like an anthem written many years ago. It was in fact written by Englishman Ian Whitcomb not that long ago. He had a career as a piano playing pop star in the 1960's but always had a soft spot for the ukulele.
Under The Maui Moon 2012
Tropical Lounge

This languid ode to all things tropical was a feature track from the album More Tales From The Tropics.
The Entertainer 2010
A.J. Leonard & David Billings 

When Dave and I got together to make our first album, American Songbook, the idea of including this Scott Joplin classic was a must. Unlike the full arrangements that accompanied the other tracks on the album, we decided to render this simply as a duet for ukulele. I'm sure Scott would approve...
The Inner Light

Surely one of the greatest B sides of all time, this profound Indian influenced transcendental song by George Harrison was the flipside to Paul McCartney's barrelhouse Lady Madonna.

Re-arrangement of a lesser known Cliff Edwards classic from 1929.

The stylish companion piece to Roy Smeck's other classic waltz Magic Ukulele Waltz.