Tropical Lounge

Tropical Lounge is the creation of multi instrumentalists, arrangers and composers A.J. Leonard & David Billings. Leonard is one of Australia's pioneer ukulele players and is highly regarded to be among the best in the world, while Billings is an inveterate performer with an extensive background in musicals and rock.

A lush vocal sound that is absolutely irresistible...

Tropical Lounge is an innovative, versatile quartet influenced by the popular, classic and show tunes of the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s through to the present day. Folk, swing and island music make up a repertoire that includes original songs. Spearheaded by A.J. Leonard & David Billings they have now produced three albums, American Songbook, Australian Songbook and the latest English Songbook. Jenny and Wendy Rowlands, the other half of Tropical Lounge contributed significantly to the recording of the albums, which have received positive reviews in Australia and the USA.

 “A.J. (Leonard) has been burning off one CD after another. Each has been beautifully played and featured excellent vocals. This latest work is a winner. He and David Billings have arranged an intricate tapestry of music that is sure to get your toes tapping”  Ukulele Player Issue 16
“The mix is excellent and the production is first-rate all the way. I truly enjoy everything I have heard from them. I’d love to see international recognition for this duo.”  Ukulele Player Issue 29
“…there is a gentle and respectful spin on timeless melodies and lyrics that simply makes you smile.”  The Herald Sun


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The Real Thing

One of the great Aussie acts from the late 60's was Russell Morris. His most well known song was The Real Thing re-recorded on the album Australian Songbook.