Free Reign

Free Reign was originally formed in 1992 to create an original music experience by blending traditional instruments with contemporary composition. It's style lies somewhere between modern acoustic and classical folk. It allows each instrument room for improvisation within highly structured and meticulous arrangements. Likened to the Penguin Café Orchestra, the band is made up of violin, viola, cello, guitar, ukulele, mandolin, piano and accordion.

All musicians are highly trained classical players that encompass wide and varied careers from symphony orchestra, to experimental jazz, to contemporary film soundtracks, to world folk influences. The beauty of Free Reign’s music lies principally in the harmonies and counterpoint melodies. The interplay of the instruments and the often minimal but vital input of each player is, perhaps the secret of the music’s success. 

Free Reign utilise their individual skills and diverse musical experience to produce a style of unique and scintillating music that is at once both tantalisingly familiar and startlingly new. The highly individual compositions are delivered with magical interplay and a fearless sense of adventure that takes their music from folk ballads to the edge of chamber music.

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