New Zealand Tour

September-October 2013

This was my first trip to NZ and the inaugural tour for the duo with Jenny Rowlands. We covered the north and south island in 18 days with 8 performances in between. A lot of driving, a lot…Read more

East Coast Tour Australia

June/July 2013

This was our 4th east coast tour (as in AJ and Jenny) and this year we extended the tour to include Milton and SNUG in Sydney. We introduced our new audio/visual show In A Little Hula Heaven and…Read more

Folkworld Fairbridge Festival WA

April 26-28 2013

Our first tour of the west culminated in performances and workshops at the biggest festival in WA at Fairbridge. This festival has been at the top of my list as I have heard much of its…Read more

Australian Songbook Album Launch Melbourne VIC

December 2 2012

This was an opportunity to share with others of a generation how great it was to be a teenager in the 60’s. Australia was paving its own way with exciting original music. David Billings and I…Read more